Report from the IIRP  Latinoamérica Conference

Report from the IIRP Latinoamérica Conference

Thank you to all of our participants from 23 countries, the interpreters, volunteers and staff for a wonderful event.

We are thrilled we exceeded our $10,000 goal to provide more than 60 scholarships. We wish to express enormous gratitude to the Strachan Foundation, and our Scholarship Partners: Erin & John Bailie, Bill Ballantine, Silverman Family Partnerships, and Ted & Susan Wachtel – Building a New Reality, for their very generous scholarship donations, and everyone who made a gift to the Restorative Practices Foundation so that people could afford to attend this event. [Read more…]

Upcoming World Conferences

Upcoming World Conferences

Restoring Community: 21st IIRP World Conference, October 24-26, 2016, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA Register now »



May 9-10, 2017 | Dublin, Ireland

A call for presenters will be available in late October 2016. The conference will highlight several key issues that European countries are currently facing: de-radicalization and preventing radicalization; migration and immigration; and historic sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking and the sex trade.